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best wilmington nc tattooGetting a tattoo requires a lot of thought and preparation so that you don't end up with something you regret.The content here will help you along with that thought process and answer many questions and concerns you may have before getting tattooed.The most important thing you can do before getting a tattoo is taking the time to find the right studio and/or artist. Many people just decide on a whem that they want to get a tattoo,and enter the nearest studio without much thought about what they are doing. Some get lucky and walk away with a great tattoo, and some Don"t. Here are some things to help you along in making your decision, and to make sure that you get a tattoo you are going to be proud of. So, Relax, And don't be in a rush to get Hardwire Inked!

We Provide Quality & Safe Tattoos!

wilmington nc tattoo parlorsChoosing the right tattoo studio is crucial in ensuring you get the tattoo you want and have a good experience in the process. Upon entering any Reputable tattoo studio,you should see training and licensing certificates and/or permits openly displayed.the shop should not smell and if it does, the smell should remind you of a hospital -clean and sterile,not musty or dirty. Floors and counters should be clean and free of any ink spots.Their should be no cloth furniture anywhere in the studio (You could easily contract a disease from invisible dried blood on furniture.)  Your tattoo artist should look alert healthy and responsive. If the artist's don't have portfolios of their work (DON'T LET THEM TOUCH YOU).An absolute must in any credible tattoo studio is an autoclave-if there's no autoclave in the studio,you shouldn't be there either.While pets Are fun to have around, a tattoo studio is absolutely no place for pets to be unless it"s fish tank that looks well maintained. You should also be aware that different states have different regulations- know your states regulations some states have none!When talking to any tattoo artist about sterility,if he or she seems hesitant in letting you visually inspect the equipment or instruments, LEAVE! A tattoo artist who is following protocol should have no problem letting you see the instruments he or she is about to use on your body.and finally DO NOT get tattooed out of someone's House, Garage, Mobile Unit ,Shed, Basement, Kitchen, these folks aren't in a reputable tattoo studio for a reason IE:(Don't know what their doing ,hooked on drugs)The sad thing is not only are you putting your self at risk of catching numerous diseases your putting your artist at the same RISKS!!!!!


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 919 Marine Blvd. Jacksonville NC 28540 or call (910) 353-7246

4515 Cedar Ave  Wilmington NC 28403 or call (910) 791-7977

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