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While a body piercing isn't necessarily as permanent as a tattoo, it is a body modification that should be given a good amount of thought and preparation. Hardwire Tattoo is proud to have piercing shops in the Wilmington, NC area that offer a clean environment and skilled artists. Whether you want your ear pierced or another type of body piercing, our staff is gentle and friendly, making sure you get exactly what you envisioned.  If you are in the Wilmington, NC area and are looking for a body piercing shop, Hardwire Tattoo & Body Piercing is here for you!

Please note, if your piercing is standard/oral like a lip or labret, then BOTH aftercare lists below must be followed.
 body piercing Wilmington, NC

Hardwire Tattoo & Body Piercing

Standard Care for Piercings

  • Clean with mild antibacterial soap and warm water 2-3 times a day for at least 4 months.
  • Do not change the jewelry for 4-6 weeks.
  • Use disposable products while cleaning your piercing (ex. Dixie cups and cotton swabs).
  • After cleaning the piercing and piercing site, rinse well with warm water to relieve the jewelry of all excess soap.
  • Make sure you clean it last in the shower to remove any extra chemically enhanced cleaners like body scrubs and shampoos.
  • Any saline solutions (saline wash) will be helpful if used after initial cleaning, but are not necessary. Do not overuse saline!
  • NO hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, Bactine, or other abrasive cleaners should be used. 

Care for Oral Piercings

  • Rinse mouth thoroughly with non-alcoholic mouthwash when anything comes in contact with your mouth or the piercing up to three times daily – morning, mid-day, and night. 
  • Be careful of drinking alcoholic beverages because they will cause unnecessary swelling.
  • Drinking ice water or sucking on ice will help with swelling.
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